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They have matching tans and mush between their ears. They are image conscious, have been around a combined 128 years, contain preservatives and come in a variety of compatible flavours.
Original Barbie/Original (s)Pam
Western Barbie/Hickory Smoke (s)Pam
Spanish Language Teacher Barbie/Hot and Spicy (s)Pam
TV Chef Barbie/(s)Pam and Penne Pasta
Business Executive Barbie/(s)Pam with Bacon
Malibu Barbie/Honey (s)Pam
So much in common! [...]

So, last week I’m in the kitchen making dinner. He is in the sitting room.
He:  “Are you busy?”
Me:  “I’m stirring risotto.”
He:   “Can you come here?”
Me:  “Risotto needs to be scrutinised. I’ll be scrutinising the risotto for the next 15 minutes.”
He:   “I found another text message.”
He:  “You there?”
Me:  “I’m not sure.”
He:   “It’s from 2007.”
He:   “Can you [...]

The Fat Tuna Conversation

April 4th, 2011

So, last night I’m falling asleep and He calls up the stairs.
He  “Are you sleeping?”
Me  (groggy) “No.”
He  “Did you just send me a weird text?”
Me  “No.”
He  “Oh sorry, I just see here that it’s from the 16th of March 2007.”
He  “Hello?”
Me  (annoyed)  “Ok. What does it say?”
He  (laughing)  “There is a very pregnant fat tuna [...]