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Posted August 8th, 2011 by Deborah

I know first hand how much work is poured into the daily soup that makes up the life of a writer.

The sweat. The long brain-heating hours spent staring at a computer screen or a blank sheet of paper.

The blood. The endless battles of will to keep yourself going when all you really want to do is put your head down on the desk and nap.

The tears. The promises you make to yourself only to break them for a cup of lukewarm coffee.

Believe me. I know.

I also know how tough it is to attract the attention of an agent, let alone to see all of that bloody-sweaty-teary work make its way onto the pages of a book.

I know about technology and because I thought it was a necessity for my life as a writer, I’ve wandered into the Matrix with its dizzying array of techno-options and their permutations. And I’ve wandered right back out again.

While many writers are understandably going the e-book and Kindle route, I unfortunately cannot bring myself to do it.

Some favourites

Some favourites

My desire to create real books, something to place on a book shelf and pass along to others is so strong that the time seemed right to embark on a new adventure.

And more

And more

I’m excited and humbled to announce the launch of Labello Press (in commemoration to my father who died recently) an Independent Publisher of short fiction.

In conjunction with the launch, we are running our first annual Short Story Competition with the winners to be published in the 2012 anthology (YES. A real book) “Gem Street.”

“Gem Street” will be a quality book with beautiful cover art containing unique, fresh, and gutsy writing from previously unpublished writers.

There will be prize money and we aim to establish ourselves as a writer-friendly down-to-earth option for writers interested in helping to keep independent publishers and the books they produce relevant.

I will continue to write this blog because even though it’s an online source of publishing I put an awful lot of effort into crafting and producing it. I see it as a little work of art and hopefully you will continue to enjoy reading.

And in any event, the infamous comment page is just too good to let go.

Not my doing, yours.

Although I will be using some social media to promote Labello Press, the competition and anthology, as well as more traditional avenues of advertising, I would like to ask you to help if you can.

I know some of you out there are writers. Or wannabe writers. Or you know writers so please, pass this information along. Talk about it. Blab it to your friends, your co-workers, your neighbours. Give the website address to anyone you feel may be interested. Or enter a story yourself.

Here is the link for full submission guidelines and information about the Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize.

At the end of the day, Labello Press may not be a massive player in the marketplace but if we can help other writers slide between the pages of a book and find some respite there, then I suppose we’ll feel we’ve done a good thing.

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13 Responses to “Launching Labello Press”

  1. Marcy Freehill

    Looks fantastic Deborah! And the website is really well designed. Wishing you every success and might even enter myself!

  2. Keith Murray

    The very best of luck in this. What a great idea \o/

  3. Deborah

    \o/ …..Thanks Keith. Very much, really appreciate it. Hope all’s well with you!

  4. Deborah

    Thank you Marcy. That means alot to me. I bit my nails to stubs (and they’re already stubs) while putting it together. Tricky.
    Hoping it sails. Take it easy and maybe I’ll get to read some of your other writing!

  5. Louise

    Deborah it sounds like a wonderful adventure. Just from reading this post, I feel as if I like you already – okay I know, a bit daft thing to say, but I like the way you write. Will deffo check out submission guidelines and send something in. The very best of luck, it’s a brave thing to embark on, and will RT the link for sure.

  6. Deborah

    Hi Louise. I can’t thank you enough. Checked your 120socks blog. Love it. Really colourful and I like your writing too. I think you can tell alot about someone from the way they write so you’re not daft. I feel the same.
    I know this is a brave thing to do in a time when book stores are closing and life seems to revolve around our computers. I can’t compete with the big guns but, I feel passionate about going for this.
    I want to connect with and support other writers. I think it’s important and I believe there is a place for everyone’s work.
    I really appreciate your comment. Keep writing!

  7. Louise

    Thanks Deborah – I’m following both your links on Twitter & have your boreen site on my blogroll, so I’ll be able to keep up with what’s happening. I’ll promote the link any way I can, and good luck!

  8. Deborah

    Hi Louise. I’ve followed you on Twitter too and will put your blog up on my blogroll. That was a really nice thing for you to do and I am grateful for the support. Gestures like yours are hard to come by these days so thank you v v v much.
    You and your socks take it easy.

  9. Marcy Freehill

    Is there a minimum word number and also, is there a minimum age on it – my daughter is 18, is that ok?

  10. Deborah

    18 years of age as of 31st of December 2011 is the minimum age for contractual reasons. No flash fiction (less than 1,000 words) otherwise it is open. I think it’s great that she is interested. Fantastic. Hope you are having a good weekend!

  11. Marcy Freehill

    Great. She’s putting an idea together. Never did it before so good learning curve for her. Thanks x

  12. Jane Hara

    This is a very interesting idea and one that deserves exposure. I’ll be passing it on. The website is a great tribute to your Dad.

  13. Deborah

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate you passing Labello Press along. My father would have been so happy to see me doing this and it really is the best possible way to remember him. Very sweet of you Jane. And nice to meet you.

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